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Online Marketing Manager Free

Online Marketing Manager

3 April 2021 / No Comments

Marketing = getting people to know, like and trust you.   How can I increase my reach? How do I sustainably inspire my target group? And how do I meet the wishes and interests of potential customers with the right marketing campaign? While traditional marketing has faded further and further into the background in recent…

IT Security Manager 1.00€

IT Security Manager

4 January 2021 / No Comments

Secure communication systems are the central nervous system of our modern society, making them indispensable to a functioning economy.   Never have there been so many ways to network with each other. Society is riding a wave of increasing digitalisation. More and more new technical possibilities are available for communicating over the internet. But these…

Design Project Manager 1.00€

Design Project Manager

30 November 2020 / No Comments

Good design is distinctive, differentiates from the competition and makes a brand more attractive.   What is Design Management? the interplay of pure creativity, concentrated marketing know-how and practical project management skills. the key to turning creative ideas into successful competitive advantages the central point of every company that is looking for a holistic orientation…

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